YSE Pitching For Change will be held virtually on our event website http://pitchingforchange.com

YSE Pitching For Change is held on 20 March 2021, 1030 SGT / GMT +8

You are being asked to register in order to access YSE Pitching For Change livestream event.
  1. Please click on the registration link on our website http://pitchingforchange.com to access the event registration page.
  2. On the event registration page, please complete the registration form and click “Register”.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation.

Please let us know using the “Contact” link at the bottom of this page.

  1. On the day of the event, please go to http://pitchingforchange.com/livestream OR click the “Enter Livestream” icon on our website.
  2. Login with the password that was sent to you in your registration email confirmation.
  3. Click “Enter”.
  1. Click on “Agenda” on our website to view the event’s Agenda.
Yes. A replay of the event will be available from 21 March 2021. To access the replay please log-in at http://pitchingforchange.com/replay from 21 March 2021.
No, there is no need to download/install any software. The livestream should be viewable on any current desktop/laptop computer, your mobile phone, or tablet. As always, it is a good idea to make sure your computer and web browser are up-to-to date and to avoid running multiple applications simultaneously. The quality of the livestream may vary depending on your bandwidth and the capabilities of your device.
You will be able to ask questions during the Panel Discussion the Chat Box located on the Livestream page.

Please see the “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom of this page.

Please see the “Contact” link at the bottom of this page.